Endoscopic Ear Surgery Course. 6th Edition

Barcelona, June 5, 2023

Intensive course of basic and advanced techniques of endoscopic ear surgery, based on short lectures and surgery videos presented by experts as well as in laboratory practice with fresh corpse, guided by instructors, designed to acquire skill in this technique.


Manuel Bernal Sprekelsen
Francesc Larrosa

Guest faculty


Luís García-Ibáñez
Instituto de Otología García-Ibáñez

Maarten de Wolf

Maarten de Wolf
Amsterdam University Medical Center

Jose carlos casqueiro

Jose Carlos Casqueiro
H. Universitario Severo Ochoa


Miguel Caballero
Hospital Clínic de Barcelona

Ricardo Bartel
Hospital de Belvitge

Albert Codina
Hospital Clínic de Barcelona

Laura Pujol
Hospital Clínic de Barcelona

Rafael Hijano
Hospital del Mar de Barcelona

Maurizio Levorato
Hospital Sant Joan de Deu de Barcelona

Elena Hernández
Instituto de Otología García-Ibáñez

Marta Sandoval
Hospital Clínic de Barcelona

Ignacio Viza
Hospital Clínic de Barcelona


Registration fee: 770€
Includes: Anatomical sample (one side per trainee), Coffee, work meals and Certificate.

Cancellation Policy:
Registration fee refund available until 60 days before the course (except for an admistrative fee of 100 €)No refound available from 60 days before the course.

All refound request should be sent to info@aventik.es


Miquel Pahissa
+34 685 265 622

Course avenue:
Anatomy Department, Medicine School, Universitat de Barcelona.
Carrer Casanova, 143, 08036, Barcelona


7:45-8:00  _Registration
                    _Lectures/recorded sugeries
8:00-8:15   _Welcome and couse objectives
8:15-8:45   _Getting started in endoscopic ear surgery
8:45-9:15   _Endoscopic ear anatomy
9:15-10:30 _Procedures 1:
                       _Myringnoplasty: inlay, underlay and over-under                                             techniques
                       _Retraction pockets
10:30-11:00 _Coffee break
11:30-12:15  _Procedures 2:
13:00-14:00  _Lunch
                       _Hands-on dissection (LABORATORY)