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More than 20 years offering hands-on Endoscopic Sinus and Expanded Endoscopic Skull Base courses with fresh-frozen cadavers. Supported by an outstanding, international faculty.

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According to the current development of the pandemic we can impossibly keep the dates for the April FESS and EAR courses.  The scenario is presumably not going to look better in April. 

After talking to our Dept. of Anatomy we have definitely fixed the new dates on September 14 for the 2nd Ear course and on September 15 and 16 for the 23rd FESS course. I look forward to have you all in Barcelona by then.

Please, kindly confirm your participation by email to miquel@aventik.es

Please check with your flight carrier whether a reimbursement of re-scheduling might be feasible. Most companies are offering free changes or even reimbursement. Also, check with your hotel or travel agency if they can arrange a change of your reservation at no cost. Eventually, losses might be kept at a minimum.

In case you are not able to attend the course those dates, please be so kind as to contact me ASAP. I’m at your disposal to find an alternative solution. Invitation letters with the new dates can be sent to those who need it.

We are sorry for inconveniences, but at this stage we think this to be the best solution.

I hope, of course, that this notification finds you well and that you will stay well too. 

Miquel Pahissa
+34 685 265 622

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7th Advanced Skull Base Surgery Course. November 14-15, 2019

3rd Skull Base Repair with Pedicled Flaps. November 13, 2019

Endoscopic Ear Surgery. 1st Edition. November 12, 2019

22nd Endoscopic Sinus Surgery. September 19-20, 2019

21st Endoscopic Sinus Surgery. April 25-26, 2019

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